Ties are the ultimate way for any man to look professional and stylish. From bowties to the most formal ties, they are such simple accessories that can improve an outfit with no effort. At The Chic Man, we offer a huge range of different types of ties. In this blog post, we are going to take you through the top 5 types of ties that we offer at The Chic Man. For the full range of our ties, just click here.

1.  Cotton Bow Ties

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Our top selling tie at The Chic Man is our deluxe selection of Cotton Bow Ties. Bow Ties have seen a resurgence in recent years, kicking back to the 60’s! Unlike the other selection of bow ties that we will move onto below, the 100% Cotton Bow Ties are a great way to make an outfit look that little bit more stylish. Whilst some people might think bow ties are a bit of a novelty, when put together with the correct outfit, they can make any man look chic and stylish. If you’re heading out for a few drinks, why not add a plain bowtie to your outfit? Even if your attending a formal event, then the bow tie will be your friend. They are also deceivingly easy to apply. Unlike most bow ties, our bow ties are simply attached with a piece of fabric that is tied at the back of your neck. So no need to worry about tying your bow tie without any help!

2.  Fun and Unique Bow Ties

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Next up on our list, we are sticking with bow ties, but now it seems like The Chic Man needs a fun and unique pattern on his bow tie! The other selection of ties that The Chic Man offers all have a pattern on them that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. As opposed to the traditional cotton bow tie, the patterned bow tie is a bit quirkier and might require a bit more confidence to be able to pull it off. If you’ve already got a bright outfit on the go however, a bright bow tie will be the cherry on the cake. The patterned bow ties available at The Chic Man are available in 17 different varieties and are also made of 100% cotton. Like we said, it might be a bit more extravagant to wear a patterned bow tie rather than a plain black one, but there is a reason why so many people have already bought from The Chic Man!

3.  Slim Ties

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We are moving away from bow ties for the number 3 on our list and moving into traditional ties. We start with the slim tie, which is a welcome change to the traditional business tie. The specific tie that we offer here at The Chic Man comes with a distinct pattern at the bottom of the tie that adds a different flavor to the color scheme. In fact, with 7 different ties on offer, with colors ranging from blue to red to black, we have slim ties available to match any outfit. We would advise the slim tie to go with a suit that you are wearing to a party, or a special occasion, rather than a business meeting. This is purely because they are a bit more casual, which is fine, but maybe not best for that new interview. However, if you’re wanting to impress on that first date, then the slim tie is a perfect choice to accompany your favorite shirt.

4.  Silk Ties

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The name ‘Silk Tie’ might seem like a bit of plain name for a chic accessory, but when you look at the colors available, you’ll know they are anything but dull. Each silk tie comes with a special pattern that will make you stand out from the crowd. In fact, with 17 options to choose from, there is a tie for every outfit and it makes the Silk Tie one of The Chic Man’s most varied products. Whilst we recommended the slim tie to be for more casual events. the Silk Tie can be for any event that takes your fancy. With the patterns on offer, there is a perfect mix of smart and casual. With the addition of the silk that every tie is made from, the tie adds a certain elegance to your outfit. As soon as you walk into the room with one of The Chic Man’s silk ties, all eyes will be on you and you’ll instantly be the best dressed man in the room!

5.  Business Ties

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We finish off our list with the 5th bestselling tie on The Chic Man – the classic Business Tie. The Business Tie does just what it says on the tin. It’s the perfect tie for the modern day, executive man, who also wants to look stylish as he makes his way into the office. They are all in basic, plain colours but that is perfect for the occasion. Rather than wearing a fancy pattern that might not be well received, the Business Tie from The Chic Man is completely inoffensive. Coming in grey, black, red and navy, there is a Business Tie available that will be perfect for every suit you own. Although the Business Ties are more smart, rather than casual, that doesn’t stop you from wearing them to less formal occasions. A brighter Business Tie would not look out of place at a birthday party or work social, making it a perfect choice for a man looking to start his tie collection.


What kind of ties are your favorites? Whatever your choice, make sure to head over to our tie selection and I’m sure you’ll be able to find whatever you need.

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